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  Design Solutions for the Web
  Professional, custom web site design and development to fit your custom needs. Corporate branding, logo design, custom graphic design.
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  Design Solutions for the Print Media
  Professional graphic design solutions for the print media: Brochures, catalogs, tri-folds, stationery (business card, letterhead, envelope), postcards, flyers, mailers, newspaper magazine ad design, CD DVD book cover design.
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  Logo Design and Custom Graphic Design
  Create and protect a strong corporate brand identity. Custom graphic design, custom logo design, banner design.
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  Flash Animation and Development
  Custom flash animation, flash intros, flash banner design, flash based web sites, flash design, flash development.
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  Pencil Art Portraits
  Professional, hand drawn pencil art portraits by pencil portrait artist Edina Kinga Agoston. 
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  Internet Web Marketing Search Engine Optimization SEO
  Web site marketing, search engine optimization SEO, press release marketing, affiliate programs, opt in email marketing, banner advertising, pay per click advertising, Google AdWords Campaigns, link development, website traffic analytics.
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  Programming Solutions
  Custom computer programming: Software development, ecommerce, special scripts and effects, database development and management.
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  Web Hosting
  Web hosting, co-location, domain name registration, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mail boxes.
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  IT Solutions
  Computer repair upgrade, spyware virus removal/protection, network administration, security management, audio video streaming, data backup data recovery/transfer/storage.
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Complete IT Solutions by Top Web Designer
Top Web Designer IT solutions services include computer repair upgrade, spy ware virus removal protection, network planning implementation administration management repair, security planning implementation management, audio video online streaming archive on demand, data backup data recovery data transfer data storage.


Computer Repair and Upgrade
(PC Desktop Laptop Notebook Mac Windows)

We offer comprehensive on-site business computer services with experience to quickly resolve troubling computer issues. If you prefer to have the problem corrected off-site, we can accommodate your requests. Our certified computer technicians specialize in computer repair, may the job be for a single desktop computer, a laptop or an office with 100 users and multiple servers. Our Long Island computer repair technicians can help fixing your computer and solving all of these computer related problems: Virus removal, spyware removal, adware removal, pop-ups, program errors, slow start-ups, driver conflicts, sudden freezing, installation of programs, uninstall programs, customize displays for visually impaired any basic computer repair, virus detection removal, spyware adware prevention, data recovery services, hardware setup installation, software setup installation, network setup installation, server setup configuration, wireless networking.

Contact us for all of your computer repair needs.


Network Planning · Implementation · Management · Administration · Repair · Support
We offer several networking solutions for the home or office. Whether you're connecting 2 computers, or 2000 computers, we can help.

· Share files among computers
· Share a single internet connection
· Play multiplayer games
· Connect your console gaming systems
· Wired / wireless solutions available

· Share documents / spreadsheets / databases among multiple computers
· Collaborate better, work off of central server
· Share applications
· Enhance office security
· Wired / wireless solutions available

Contact us for all of your network planning / management needs.


Security Planning · Implementation · Administration · Management · Support
Our technicians are ready to secure your network from outside invasion. We currently provide onsite and offsite security solutions for your home of business. Our skilled Long Island network security consultants are experts at Designing, troubleshooting and repairing secure networks in Long Island, New York.

Computer and network security resources dash; cryptography fundamentals, TCP/IP and NAT, information security, privacy and data integrity tools, how to meet government and industry requirements and regulations, user authentication, operating system auditing and hardening, network security, malware and social engineering and reference material.

Protection and performance against worms, viruses, Trojans, DDoS attacks, Microsoft vulnerabilities and more. Regulatory compliance through protection of confidential data. Business continuity through network and application availability. Cost savings and reliability through VoIP security.

Professionals providing services in computer network security, investigations and intelligence and technical security countermeasures. Contact us for all of your network security planning / management needs.


Data Backup · Data Recovery · Data Transfer
You need to understand the need to protect your most valuable business asset. It is too easy to become victim to human error, PC crash, a virus, malicious actions, flood, fire, theft or loss of a PC. Traditional backup solutions can be effective, but require capital expenditure and internal staff to maintain and operate them. There are generally considered a hassle - especially during a crisis when key data is to be recovered quickly. Backup of data can mean different things for different customers.

Is it a hard disk you want to backup, a server on a LAN or a partition of your hard disk? It can also be a database, specific files or directories/folders. On which medium are you planning to store the backup? The ways data has been stored has changed over time. From punch strips, removable disk to data tapes. Data in the old days was stored on larges tapes. When the program needed to process data, the information was loaded from tapes in real times. Things have changed with the adoption of the Internet, LAN, WAN and ever more powerful storage medium. Today it is becoming more and more popular to make a snapshot of disk drives and write that information on to a DVD with the computer's DVD player. Contact us for all of your data backup / recovery / transfer needs.


Audio and Video
Our audio and video services including audio editing, audio recording, audio streaming, audio live streaming, podcasting, audio live webcasting, live audio webcast, video filming, video editing, video encoding, video streaming, video live streaming, video live webcasting, live video webcast, multiple platform online video syndication servicing Nassau County, Suffolk County, Hamptons, Long Island, New York, NY.

Audio and video hosting service for live webcasting and archived streaming media. Content delivery, live webcasting, live streaming reports, add chat, digital rights management (DRM), insert ads, create playlists, presentation creation, affordable, easy-to-use, reliable webcasting and streaming media delivery. Contact us for all of your audio and video needs.



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